Bishop Harada Dharma Talk

As part of the JSBTC Board’s interim fall meeting, Bishop Marvin Harada from Buddhist Churches of America will be a special guest speaker via Zoom on Saturday, Sept 26th.  We are very pleased that Bishop Harada is able to join us, and because it is via Zoom, we invite everyone to attend! 

Bishop Harada will be speaking on JI SHIN KYO NIN SHIN: the passage from Zendo, which he describes as a “motto” for what  ministers should follow,  that having shinjin and sharing that with others is the most difficult of all difficulties, but to share the Dharma is how we truly express our gratitude to the Buddha.  He says that we should not think that being a minister is an easy occupation, nor should leaders think that it is easy to lead our temples to truly share the Dharma. 

Our Socho Aoki has asked Bishop Harada to speak for about 50 minutes, followed by online discussion or QA time for 20 minutes (depending online feedback after Bishop Harada’s talk).  Socho has also asked Bishop Harada to share his views, experiences, and plans for BCA and his temple (Orange County Buddhist Temple).

You are invited to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Lecture by Bishop Marvin Harada

Time: Saturday, September 26, 2020

09:00 AM:  BC

10:00AM:  Alberta

11:00AM:  Manitoba

12Noon:  Ontario

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Meeting ID: 878 0226 4265
Passcode: shinran

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