Listen to Bishop Harada

As part of the JSBTC Board’s interim fall meeting, Bishop Marvin Harada from Buddhist Churches of America (BCA) was a special guest speaker via Zoom on Saturday, Sept 26th.  We were very pleased that Bishop Harada was able to join us! 

Here is the LINK TO THE VIDEO of his special lecture where you will also get to see Robert Sensei receiving his Kaikyoshi Certificate in addition to hearing an excellent dharma talk.

Bishop Harada spoke on JI SHIN KYO NIN SHIN: the passage from Zendo, which he describes as a “motto” for what  ministers should follow,  that having shinjin and sharing that with others is the most difficult of all difficulties, but to share the Dharma is how we truly express our gratitude to the Buddha.  He says that we should not think that being a minister is an easy occupation, nor should leaders think that it is easy to lead our temples to truly share the Dharma. 

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  1. Michael R. Helmer-Keir

    I am very interested and willing to attend if invited. I was learning from a branch of independent Nichiren Shu folks beyond Nanaimo in Duncan BC (Canada) but I have lost contact with them, since moving back to Alberta. I am in Red Deer. I am no longer a Christian practitioner, because chanting in Buddhist formats helps me to reduce headaches, better than Tylenol and Arnica Montana, and better than anything “Christian” that I know about and have tried. I do not mind telling anyone that chanting in Buddhist styles can work so well. I look forward to learning more about various Mahayana Schools and Pure Land seems like an excellent choice. If it is not appropriate for me to attend this regional conference, that’s okay, too. Peace

    • susanh

      Greetings. How wonderful to hear from you and I see you’re also a part of our FaceBook group! Welcome! I am sorry but the webmaster didn’t notice your message until today and you definitely could have attended this online talk. Everyone is welcome to join the online talks, workshops, or presentations. I hope you’ve been able to tune-in to Sensei Robert’s Sunday services that he delivers via FaceBook Live at 10am and he also does a short evening service daily at 9pm. If you have any questions or would like additional information about our sect of Buddhism, please feel free to reach out to Sensei at and he’ll be happy to respond. Thank you!


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