Little Buddhas Dharma Time

Typically, children are welcome to attend any Sunday service, and on most Sundays, there are special activities for kids that are hosted by one of the adult temple members or parents. Everyone takes part in the first part of the main service and then kids are excused to the classroom for a Dharma lesson and/or activity.

We do yoga, storytelling, crafts, games, puzzles, origami, and much more!

This is a parent-run initiative and so we are always looking for volunteers to help with Dharma Time – both for short lessons (about 30 minutes) and for play/social time supervision. 


The Living Dharma Centre Zoom Dharma School is held once monthly from 10:00 to 10:45am B.C. time on the fourth Saturday of each month. Zoom Invitation will be sent approximately one week beforehand.  Short Service lead by a JSBTC Minister or Assistant-Minister.

15 minute Dharma School Activity/lesson for three age categories:

                Grade Three and under

                Grade Four to Seven

                Grade Eight and up

We have learned about Impermanence, Interdependence, Nirvana, and the first 3 of the FOUR NOBLE TRUTHS since January 2021.  We will finish this School Year by learning about the EIGHTFOLD NOBLE PATH. We would like to  teach it in a Jodo Shinshu way.  Not as a religious practice but as a life guide to try and live.

  • Nov 27th          – How Shakyamuni Buddha Says We Should Try to Think and See
  • December      We will join a Dharma School being hosted on December 11th by one of the Temples

Mari Cameron from Vernon B.C. will send a Zoom Invitation each month approximately one week before the Dharma School date with detailed information about that month’s Dharma School.

Contact Mari at for more information.


In gassho,