History of the Temple

Buddha2The roots of he Calgary Buddhist Temple can be traced back to August 17, 1951 with the formation of the Calgary Hoyu Kai (Friends of the Dharma) and the Obon service held that day.  The service was led by the visiting minister Sensei Y. Kawamura.

The group continued to meet for services in  members’ homes, then later at a community centre, but without a resident minister.  This situation continued for about 20 years when, in 1970, a committee conducted a survey.   They found that there were a significant number of Buddhist families who were willing to support a Jodo Shinshu minister.  A fund-raising campaign was organized.

Finally, in 1972, Sensei S. K. Ikuta and his family moved to Calgary to lead the newly-formed Calgary Buddhist Temple.
In 1981, the temple building was purchased from the former Croatian Catholic Church and the inaugural service was held on October 18 of that year.

The dedication service for the Amida statue was held on October 21, 1984.  The statue was carved by the famous Japanese sculptor Koei Eri.  It was displayed in Japan and Europe before it was installed in the temple.

The Amida statue at the Calgary Buddhist Temple was carved by the famous Japanese sculptor, Koei Eri








Key Dates

1951         Calgary Hoyu Kai (Friends of the Dharma) established on August 17, 1951
1958         First Dharma School
1965         Tenth Anniversary Service of the Calgary Hoyu Kai
1970         Calgary Hoyu Kai joins the Alberta Kyouku (parish)
1971         Incorporation of the Calgary Buddhist Church
1972         Sensei S.K. Ikuta joins the Temple
1980         Sensei Y. Miyakawa serves as resident minister (1980-82)
1981         Temple buys the Croatian Catholic Church
1984         Amida statue installed.  Gomonshu and Lady Ohtani visit Calgary.
1998         Sensei Ikuta serves as Socho of the Buddhist Churches of Canada from 1998 to 2002.
2005         The temple adopts a revised set of bylaws
2005         Gomonshu and Lady Ohtani visit Calgary as part of the BCC Centennial Celebrations
2006         The temple celebrates its 50th Anniversary