2024 YBICSE to Japan

There will be a 2024 Youth Buddhist International Cultural Study Exchange or YBICSE tour to Japan this summer and participation is limited to five (5) Canadians between the ages of 15-25 years old.  If you are interested or if someone you know is interested, please contact Robert Gubenco Sensei for more information. 

The Japan 2024 YBICSE will be hosted by the Hongwanji in Kyoto, Japan from July 4 to July 9, 2024. It is anticipated that the Canadian group will likely arrive in Japan around July 1-2 and come back to Canada on July 10.

The number of youths able to attend in 2024 are as follows: 

     BCA 10

     Hawaii 7

   Canada 5

     South America 3

Total of 25 youths will be able to attend.

     * Subsidy from Hongwanji will be 80,000 YEN ($800) / youth.

Please email Sensei or let him know if you have a youth(s) who would like to join the program by December 27, 2023.  Kindly include the name(s), age(s) and number of years he/she has attended the temple in order to be considered.

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