Bishop’s Statement regarding Maui

The Bishop of Canada, Rev. Aoki, has provided a statement in response to the devastation that followed the fires in Maui, Hawaii. The statement also provides information on how to personally send money that will be used to assist the Lahaina Sangha recover and rebuild.

(Aug 16/23) “Rev. Ai Hironaka, the Resident Minister of Lahaina Hongwanji Mission, and his family safely evacuated to Kahului City.  People are not allowed to enter Lahaina, so Rev. Hironaka cannot yet go to the temple to assess its situation.  However, by looking at the news reports, the temple buildings were burned to the ground.  I have also heard that some of the temple members lost their homes.  Indeed, a sad day for the Hongwanji community and the whole community in Lahaina.
Our hearts go out to those who have been impacted by this disaster.”


Thank you for your consideration to help our fellow Sangha members in Maui.

Statement on the Wildfires and Relief Effort in Maui

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