Grey Cup Party at the Temple



What an exciting game!

On Sunday, twenty-two of us gathered in the temple basement to watch the game on the big projector screen. First half was underwhelming and although second half was better, with two minutes to go, I started cleaning up, assuming that Burris and his mates had it in the bag. But what a come back! Although in the end the Stamps fell short, it was a very exciting game to watch. With chilidogs and other party fare that everyone brought to share, we were well fed and watered, and the company was great! Thanks to all of you who came out and lets do it again next year!

Congratulations to Yuri Delisle, who won the reverse final score, and Dan Ichii, who won the half time score. As there were no other winners, we will be putting everyone’s names in a pot and drawing three names. So keep your fingers crossed –you still might be a winner!

Mickey Ikuta

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