Japan Tour 2023

Who’s interested in going to Japan in 2023 to attend two momentous occasions?  Join members of the Calgary Buddhist Temple along with our Jodo Shinshu Buddhist Temples of Canada (JSBTC) sangha in attending Shinran Shonin 850th Birth Anniversary and the 17th World Buddhist Women’s Convention in May of 2023 with Jodo Shinshu followers from all over the world!  

It may seem far away but it is important to let us know if you’re interested by January 2022 as numbers are needed now!  For those in Calgary and area, please email jsbtcwf.shuntley@gmail.com if you are interested in attending and for more information as tours after the celebrations are also in the works.

2 Responses to “Japan Tour 2023”

  1. Richard Everson

    I wish to attend in full. I need all details to attend. I am single, waiting for friends, family, clan to help me to where I need to go to better myself in ways that are honorable and intelligent.

    • susanh

      Hi Richard! GREAT! You will be added to the list of those interested in attending and as further details are announced, you’ll be on the distribution list. Are you currently a Jodo Shinshu Buddhist and/or a member of the Temple? Not that you have to be to attend the celebration and convention.


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