“Stamp” out Waste

with the JSBTC WF (Women’s Federation). Save the Children-Canada collects used postage stamps for resale to dealers and collectors. Money raised by this method of fundraising is used to help provide a better life and a brighter future for children around the world and in Canada.

The JSBTC Women’s Federation takes ALL stamps, foreign and Canadian.  Please remember to put your stamps in the container at the entrance to the Temple by April 9th as they will be taken to the next WF Annual Meeting in Steveston for national consolidation.

These stamps are sold to stamp collectors by the stamp store so the condition of the stamps is important!Acceptable and not acceptable stamps

  • Please cut with scissors (do not tear!!) and leave a 1/3 to 1/2 inch border around the stamp.
  • Stamps with postmarks showing the location and date are worth more so please cut around the postmark. Leave multiple stamps together.
  • If you have a postcard with the postmark showing the date and location, please turn in the whole postcard – do not cut it.
  • If it does not show the town or city, just trim around the stamp with border as above.
  • Stamps without enough border trim and machine generated business postage are not usable.


Thank you!


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