Temple Refuge Circle

This Tuesday group is a small meditation- & awareness-focused Practice ‘circuit’ meant for people who have been exploring Buddhism but wish to improve in: Meditation (25mins),Loving-Kindness, Equanimity, Compassion, Sympathetic Joy, Deep Listening, & Gratitude.

We will get to know each other while we deepen our Practice in a safe and caring environment. Members will have the opportunity to run a weekly of session (voluntary).

This is a different form: that of a Circle, with each member contributing and learning from each other.

To join, I am asking interested people to have a commitment to this Circle for a ‘season’. This is much the same as if you were to join a sports team. You can certainly miss a weekly session, but I ask that you are committed to being there for yourself and each other as if you were on a team.

This ‘Season’ Practice will run Tuesday evenings from Jan 23rd through Apr 10th, starting at 7pm, at the Temple (IE: 12 weeks). We usually finish about ~8:30pm, then a little shared cleanup of teacups that we used etc.

You can come on Tuesday Jan 16th to try it out before the ‘committed’ Season starts.

It is a gentle group, led by it’s members. Membership is limited.

Dana to the temple: $25/person, speak to me if you cannot afford that, it should not be an impediment to attending.

In Gassho,


Assistant – Calgary Buddhist Temple

Please contact me here if interested or if you have questions. Feel free to pass along to interested persons.



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  1. Kun Wang

    I just learned about this circle and wonder if there is space left. I have been learning about Buddhism and practicing meditation for a while. I think this circle will help me deepen my practice. I am very interested in the topics that will be discussed in this circle. Thank you.

    • Ken

      Hello Kun, please join us this coming Tuesday at 6:45pm if you wish to join this Season. Welcome!


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