Sangha Engagement

The Calgary Buddhist Temple Sangha Engagement is actively involved in hosting workshops, presentations, and events to promote social interaction, learning, and sharing. “Sangha Engagement” is pleased to provide a variety of in-person activities with the intention to keep people engaged and build a sense of “community” or Sangha.




Sunday, January 29th, 2023 at 1pm


Presenter: Nanao Kimono (


Furoshiki is where art meets sustainability – using decorative fabrics to wrap gifts, packages, and for other purposes, the furoshiki offers an earth-friendly alternative.  It has been used for hundreds of years for a great many uses. The Word “Furo” translates to “bath”, and “shiki” means “to spread out”. Originally, they were used to wrap up sacred and important items at temples or shrines, then later were adopted for carrying personal items to and from the public bathhouse. More recently, Furoshiki became very popular as a simple handbag, grocery bag, and especially, as a reusable gift wrapping!

The Calgary Buddhist Temple Sangha Engagement is pleased to organize this in-person workshop on Sunday, Jan 29/23 which will be held at the Temple and will be taught by a local business, Nanao Kimono ( Nanao Kimono is a Japanese lifestyle shop in Kensington full of an assortment of treasures brought from Japan, including towels, tableware, tea and soaps. Cost of the workshop is $30 per person which includes a furoshiki along with green tea and light refreshment.

Maximum registration is 10 people but if this workshop is full, another class may be offered.



Sunday, February 26th, 2023 at noon

Presenter: members of the Calgary Buddhist Temple

A fun, relaxed way to learn something new. This will be an in-person cooking demo of several tasty recipes so come on out and join the Sangha as we learn together and enjoy each other’s company at the same time.

Open to EVERYONE at a cost of $5/person payable in cash on the day of. Come and enjoy the fellowship of the sangha!

FORGIVENESS by Mark Sakamoto

Art Commons, Max Bell Theatre – 220 – 9th Ave SE Calgary, AB. 

To find tickets or for more information on the play, please go to:

Theater Calgary is offering a discount on the play Forgiveness on March 11/23 @ 2pm for those aged 55+.  Use the Promo Code 437474 for 20% off the performance only.  

Forgiveness is the acclaimed 2018 Canada Reads–winning novel by Mark Sakamoto. It’s a memoir of Sakamoto’s grandparents and their harrowing experiences during the Second World War. In the face of tremendous adversity and transgressions, they chose not to live a life of anger but instead to embrace and teach forgiveness. 

Even without the discount, this is a play that everyone will enjoy.


*If you are interested in sharing your background, knowledge or skill with the Temple Sangha, please email    Topics vary and the group interests are diverse so please consider volunteering!