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Semi-Annual Temple Cleaning

THIS Sunday, June 11 after the service. Please join us as we need as many volunteers as possible – many hands make light work! Please sign up if you’re available to be part of the Sangha and work together to clean the temple inside and

Family Day Picnic

On June 18, join us for the Family Day Picnic and Outdoor Meditation & Service at Edworthy Park (Note: there will NOT be a service at the Temple on this day!) Prior to the picnic, a short service and meditation will be held in the

New Scroll of Prince Shotoku

Last Sunday, we had an unveiling of a beautiful new scroll of Prince Shotuko, generously donated by Mrs Teruko Ikuta in memory of her husband, Rev S.K. Ikuta. Prince Shotoku, (574 – 622 AD), is legendary in Japanese Buddhism for establishing Buddhist principles and ethics

Sikh Group at Temple

Hello everyone, Tomorrow, Thursday, January 26, we are hosting the Sikh group who will  sing their scriptural music and give a short talk about their faith. We are very fortunate to have this opportunity as the musicians are visiting priests from India and will be 

An Evening with Sikh Priests

On Thursday, January 26, four Sikh priests will be joining our 7:30pm service. They will give a short talk about Sikhism and share their faith/practice through scriptural music and songs. Please come and join us!

Grey Cup Party at the Temple

  What an exciting game! On Sunday, twenty-two of us gathered in the temple basement to watch the game on the big projector screen. First half was underwhelming and although second half was better, with two minutes to go, I started cleaning up, assuming that

Obon Cemetery Schedule Aug 28 2016

Hello, on August 28 – Obon – the schedule for cemetery visits will be as follows o Strathmore – 9:00 am o Mountain View – 9:45 am o Burnsland – 10:30 am o Eden Brook – 11:00 am o Queens – 1:00 pm o Temple

Temple closed for a few weeks in August, then OBON

Please note that the Temple is CLOSED for a few weeks in August! No Sunday Services on August 14th and 21st. and no Thursday Services during that time.   Then one of our largest Services if the year – OBON, with guest speaker Rev Christina


Obon is a Buddhist observance that was originally observed in Mahayana Buddhist countries, including China, Korea, Japan, and Vietnam. Obon season is a time to express our gratitude to loved ones who have passed on before us. Without them, we would not be who we