Our Vision, Mission and Values

To set in motion a way of living, learning and teaching a life of joy and gratitude through Jodo Shinshu Buddhism

To develop knowledge, understanding and awareness of Shin Buddhism by:

• Celebrating Buddhist ceremonies and established traditions
• Sharing a dynamic resource centre for Buddhist study and teaching for all ages
• Skillfully applying Buddhist teachings within the sangha and community at large.

Compassion: To strive to bring unconditional loving kindness and service to all.
Gratitude: To be grateful for all the causes and conditions that have given us our life.
Transformation: We believe in the transformative nature of Buddha, Dharma and Sangha.
Wisdom: Awareness is the path that leads to a pure and calm mind.
Community: The heart and work of Shin Buddhists is the Temple community (Sangha) and all other communities.