2021 Obon Schedule

Obon is a time to express our gratitude to loved ones who have passed on before us. Without them, we would not be who we are today, due to the basic tenet of interdependence. We would not be where we are and we would not be able to do the things we do to enjoy life. Just think about the number of people involved in creating each of us. If we go back just thirty generations, we can calculate that there were over two billion parents, starting with our two parents, their four parents, and so on—and that’s just the physical part.

Saturday August 21, 2021

Sunday August 22, 2021

2 Responses to “2021 Obon Schedule”

  1. simone vuia

    Would like to attend the Obon service at The Temple, it would be my husband and myself.

    • susanh

      Hello. I believe there will be a “signup” email or posting that will be set out prior to the Obon service for people to register. Please watch for it and I’ll try to remember to send you the link as well once available.


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