Dharma School Teachers Wanted!

The Living Dharma Centre is looking for volunteers to become Dharma School Teachers for our once monthly Zoom Dharma School.   This would involve leading an age appropriate lesson or activity based on a monthly Theme.  The lesson would be approximately 20 minutes.

If you would like to volunteer, you would need to participate in a Zoom planning meeting once a month and then teach the class on the last Saturday of each month – the session runs from 9 to 9:45am PST.

We are hoping that enough people volunteer so we will have co-teachers in case you can’t teach every month. Depending on the demographics of the Students that participate I am hoping we can have 3 classes:  Grade 3 and under,  Grades 4 to 7, Grade 8 and older.   

You lesson plans would be approved by one of our ministers, or if you want, we can brainstorm for lesson plan ideas at our monthly planning meetings.

The first Zoom Dharma School service is on January 30th, and since it is such short notice, I have taken the liberty of planning the activity for the under Grade 7 group.  I hope someone will come up with a lesson plan for the Grade 8 and up, but I do have an idea for them too if we need to use it.

I hope families will participate in this FUN virtual Sangha which in turn will encourage them to return to our Temple Dharma Schools once COVID is over.

Thank you for your consideration and help in making this a reality!

In gassho,

Mari Cameron 

Vernon Buddhist Temple

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