Dharma Time for Kids

A new season of Dharma Time for Kids will be starting in September! The goal is to host an activity for the kids every Sunday. Lessons will be approximately every-other week, and informal play time/social time for the kids with games and puzzles will be on the other Sundays. The Temple website calendar with have more specific information as planning progresses.

A Dharma Time fun-filled fall picnic/bar-b-q is scheduled for Sunday, September 10th after Service @ St. George’s Island near the playground (weather permitting).

*Note: We are looking for volunteers to help with Dharma Time – both for short lessons (25 minutes) and for play/social time supervision. Please contact Erin at e.nagata@shaw.ca if you are able to help.


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  1. Susan

    Sorry for the delay in response – The Dharma Time coordinator will contact you directly. Thank you for your inquiry!

  2. Susan

    (Posting on behalf of Erin)
    Hello Kiranjit,

    Thank you for your inquiry on the Calgary Buddhist Temple webpage. I apologize for the delay in responding. I was away for a family vacation and our temple is closed though July.

    Our temple hosts Dharma Time for kids on Sundays (during service time), and the ages we have at the moment range from toddler to young teens. Most often our lessons are more focused on the younger children – we will read buddhist stories, talk about teachings and ideas, do crafts and occasionally outings for picnics and park walks. On the non-lesson days we have social time together playing games, doing puzzles, and building relationships.

    Your daughter is always welcome to join us, but she may be interested in the Thursday evening Dharma and meditation classes held at the temple. You can find details about this group on our website.

    I am happy to answer any questions you may have.

    Erin Nagata


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