Hanamatsuri – April 8th

The “Flower Festival” is commemorated on this day to celebrate the birth of Siddhartha Gautama, who later became enlightened as Shakyamuni Buddha. The “hanamido” a miniature floral altar of bright flowers, provides the scene of the beautiful Lumbini Garden. The statue of the baby Buddha, illustrates the merits of Amida Buddha, reaching out to all beings. The pouring of sweet tea on the statue of baby Buddha (kambutsu) represents the gentle rain which fell on Lumbini’s Garden that day.

After the Hanamatsuri service on Sunday, April 8th, join us for lunch. Please SIGN UP if you are able to bring some items to complete the Chow Mein and Ham Sandwich lunch and thank you to those who have already let the Toban group know what you’re bringing. Thank you for everyone’s contribution!

We will also be selling yummy homemade Gyoza for $10/ dozen.

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