On Sunday, Mar 26, this is the special day held annually when all donations made on this particular day will go to the Jodo Shinshu Buddhist Temples of Canada (JSBTC) Women’s Federation (WF) Dana Day. These donations are consolidated with Temples across Canada and are directed specifically to national organization(s) promoting social welfare. 

For the past three years, due to COVID, the Calgary WF Dana Day donations went to support local organizations such as Rocky Mountain Adaptive and the Canadian Mental Health Association but things are slowly returning to normal.

When sending an eTransfer, it can be made to calgarybuddhisttemple@gmail.com and it is important to include in the ‘Message:’ field: “2023 WF Dana Day”.

Cash or cheques can be made out to the Calgary Buddhist Temple and left in the temple donation box with clear identification that it is a “2023 WF Dana donation”. 

“Dana” is giving without thought of receiving something in return. The JSBTC Women’s Federation sincerely thank everyone who think of the challenges of others before themselves.

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