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NEW BOOK BEGINNING MARCH 1, 2018 – This spring we will be reviewing “Dharma Breeze – Essays on Shin Buddhism” by Dr. Nobuo Haneda. A Japanese-born Buddhist scholar, translator, and teacher. Dr. Haneda is the Director of the Maida Institute for Buddhism in Berkeley, California and comes from the teaching line of Kiyozawa-Akagerasu-Maida-Haneda which is important in the powerful way they get us to take a fresh look at things.

Please refer to the attachment, LDC Dharma Breeze, for more details regarding this book and how to join the club if you have not already signed up.

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    • Susan

      Hi Nicole. I haven’t heard anything about the LDC Book club in quite some time. I will assume it is no longer running. Have you taken a look at the books in the library at the temple? It’ll be open every 3rd Sunday of the month and Belle or Masaye might have some good suggestions for your reading pleasure.


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