New Scroll of Prince Shotoku

scrollLast Sunday, we had an unveiling of a beautiful new scroll of Prince Shotuko, generously donated by Mrs Teruko Ikuta in memory of her husband, Rev S.K. Ikuta. Prince Shotoku, (574 – 622 AD), is legendary in Japanese Buddhism for establishing Buddhist principles and ethics as core values in Japanese society for the betterment of all. He dedicated his life to the spread of Buddhism in Japan, building many temples and dispatching envoys to China. This scroll will hang on the right side of the alter.

Our temple now has the official Hongwanji set up of scolls featuring Shinran Shonin, Rennyo Shonin, the 7 Masters and Prince Shotoku. Thank you to Mrs Ikuta for her generous donation and for the years of service she has given to the Calgary Buddhist Temple


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