Our Gratitude to Breath

Sunday, May 15th, 2022 @ 1pm MDT – Presenter:  Sensei Tanis Moore

Join the Sangha for this 90 minute online workshop with Sensei Tanis Moore of the Manitoba Buddhist Temple.  Breath: Our connection to life – Breathing in, breathing out, this repeated about 25,000 times per day, and yet we most often take it for granted.  It’s only when an illness causes us to realize the preciousness of breath, that we realize this connection to all living beings.  Every breath we take has been shared with other people, animals, and birds and trees.  Our gratitude to breath.  

We will discuss the anatomy of breathing, do some breathing exercises and become aware of the movement of breath through our bodies, and how it can bring awareness, relaxation and healing to various parts of our bodies.


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