Temple Open with Limited Attendance

At this time, a limited number of people can attend a Sunday service in person but you MUST PRE-REGISTER in advance. If interested, please click on the link HERE to be directed to the online signup page for SEPT 27.  (The Signup link is posted to this page approx. one week in advance of every service.)

We will be implementing procedures to keep all those present in the temple as safe and protected as possible.

The live streaming and recording of the services will continue, so if you are not comfortable/or unable to attend in person, this will still be an option.

4 Responses to “Temple Open with Limited Attendance”

  1. Cerridwen Hicks


    I’ve sent an email requesting to be added to the mailing list. I’ve only attended your temple once for a special event and would like to be able to attend with my husband when possible. We have been attending the Jam Tse Choling Tibetan Buddhist Temple off and on for a few years, and I’ve studied that path for quite a while, but I’ve struggled not feeling connected as well as being a woman their mentality is it is not possible to achieve enlightenment unless I am a man and only as a monk. I do not agree with that teaching. So I am studying the path of Jodo Shinshu from your articles on here to better familiar myself.

    Upon opening of the temple, will the shop in the foyer be open for purchases?

    In Gassho

    Cerridwen Hicks

    • susanh

      Hello! I see you’ve registered yourself and your husband for the service on Sunday, Aug 16 – that’s wonderful! I believe the case with items to purchase has moved to the basement. Please ask Sensei Robert or a board member in attendance on Sunday if you are able to make purchases or not – with all the precautions in place, I’m not sure if there’s any concerns or restrictions.

      In gassho,

    • susanh

      Hi Tyler. So sorry! Typically, the link to register/signup is updated on this webpage weekly but I was away last week. My apologizes – I hope you’ll be able to attend another service very soon.


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